Saturday, April 19, 2014

Elves and Daydreams

    Some time ago, I bought this makeup guide by Korean makeup artist Pony (you can find it here) and was totally entranced with the exciting looks this book offered. It featured quite a lot of celebrity-inspired makeup, in fact nearly half a book of them, from Tang Wei's barely there makeup in Lust, Caution to Kristen Stewart's sultry look in Twilight to Audrey Hepburn's iconic look in Sabrina. It's not just all about recreating celebrity looks though, there are whole chapters on achieving different kinds of foundation effects, tips on contouring the face and applying the blush and shaping different kinds of brows. It is a pretty enjoyable book to be sure, and pretty to look at too ;)

    前陣子我終於入手了韓國很夯的彩妝師 Pony 的第三本彩妝書《閃耀明星妝》(網址點這裡),真心覺得這本真的很精彩。顧名思義,這本幾乎有半本以上都是仿妝,從湯唯在『色,戒』中若有似乎的淡妝到 Kristen Stewart 在『暮光之城』中的煙熏 style 到奧黛麗.赫本的 Sabrina 經典造型樣樣都有。不過這本其實也不只是仿妝而已,除了仿妝過程傳授的小技巧外,也有幾個章節探討各種不同妝效的底妝,還有打亮修容及腮紅上法,以及如何修出各類型的眉等等。這本真的是滿好看實用的彩妝書,就算不仿妝當圖書看也頗賞心悅目 XD

    This is the look I was trying to emulate in this post, it is Arwen's look from a scene in the final Lord of the Rings movie where she was preparing to leave the shores of Middle Earth for Valinor. I think Pony did the look quite well considering the limitations of  her Asian features. I, on the other hand, look inexplicably like an Arabian lady in a headscarf  LOL.

    這就是我今天要仿的妝啦!這是『魔戒三部曲.王者再臨』中,精靈公主 Arwen 準備離開中土世界的造型。我覺得 Pony 真的仿的很好,雖然是東方人的五官卻可以感受到那意境。結果我東施效顰仿出來比較像戴著頭巾的阿拉伯女人 orz

    For the base, as I was going for a slightly matte look, I mixed some Matte Foundation from Mary Kay with Fly-up purple base to achieve a more porcelain, less yellow skin.

    底妝的部分,因為想要達到的是比較霧面無暇的效果,所以用了 Mary Kay 的 Matte Foundation(手邊唯一偏霧面的粉底)。為了解決面色臘黃的問題,我在粉底液中混合了 Fly-up 的紫色隔離霜,擦上後顯得比較粉嫩白皙。

    Next, I covered up any other imperfections such as dark circles with a cream concealer. I also applied it thinly to the lip edges to make way for plumper lips later, haha.

    接著,把剩下的,粉底蓋不住的瑕疵(比如黑眼圈)用霜狀質地的遮瑕膏遮起來。我也把唇線用遮瑕膏稍微這一下,等一下要畫麗芙.泰勒的豐唇比較方便 XD

    I set my under eye concealer with some translucent loose powder. Then I finished off the base makeup by dusting a thin layer of powder to set everything.


    Well, to be honest, I think I overdid the contouring as I did not expect the colours to be so vivid on camera. I brushed the white colour in the palette on the left under the brows and on the inner corner of the eyes. Then I mixed the two browns on the rightmost of the right palette and applied it on the sides of my nose. I darkened the brown slightly and used it on the area from the inner end of the brows to the inner corner of the eyes (and actually both the browns are too dark for me, doh).

    老實說,我覺得修容的部分有點失敗了,因為以為相機會吃色結果下手過重 T_T  我是先用左邊的眼影盤中的白色打亮在眉骨及眼頭部份(據 Pony 說,這樣會有開眼頭效果?)。然後再用右邊眼影盤的最右兩格棕色混合後,打在鼻梁兩邊。稍微加深一點再刷在眉頭至眼頭外的位置(不過不得不說我這次混得太深了 囧>)。

    The eye makeup is kept simple by using matte brown all the way. I first applied the rightmost brown of the right palette over the entire upper eyelids. Then I dabbed a mixture of the two browns on the outer half of the eyelids, forming a "<" shape on the outer corner of the eyes.

    眼妝部分相對簡單,就用了霧面棕色走天下。最先是用右邊眼影盤的最右格淺棕打在整個上眼皮。然後混合兩個棕色後上在眼皮後半部,並且在眼尾處形成 "< " 形。

    For the blush, I used a lavender-hued pale blush and sweep it over the cheeks and cheekbones. Then I used a more vibrant bright pink blush and sweep it over the apples of the cheeks.


    I think the Revlon lip balms have a rather nice plumping effect on me, so I shaped the outline of full lips with it, apply a thin layer overall (the red looks rather dark but a thin layer is actually quite sheer). Then I dab another layer of bright pink lipstick by Topshop, followed by another layer of Revlon lip balm to plump up. Dab off the edges slightly so that the outline of the lips look more natural and less sharp.

    我覺得露華濃的唇筆對我來說有一點豐唇的效果,所以這次我先用這支唇筆畫出唇的輪廓,並且讓顏色稍微溢出原本唇線(這樣才能使薄唇 → 豐唇)。接著我用了 Topshop 的粉紅唇膏把唇塗滿,再上一層露華濃的棕紅唇筆。完成後將唇線稍微暈開,讓唇形輪廓看起來不那麼銳利而自然一些。

    After all the efforts, I look rather more like an Arabian housewife than an elvish princess LOL. I can't help it, "elvishness" is not in my genes, haha.

    經過那一番折騰,結果照片我覺得還比較像阿拉伯主婦 XDD  哎呀~我沒辦法啦,先天沒有精靈基因(攤手)。

As usual, I do give warnings of disaster on my Instagram (@ bonjourjasmineblog), haha!

然後照例的放上 Instagram (@ bonjourjasmineblog) 拼圖,我都會先給災難預警喔! XDD


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beetles in the Garden

After a summer shower when I saw you standin'
In the garden in the garden wet with rain.

-- Van Morrison "In the Garden"


    It is springtime, the perfect time to break out the flowers and the bugs! A while ago, I retrieved from the post office a boxful of Cor-date jewellery, and I spent a night oohing and aahing over the ravishing sparklers with my friend. One of our favourite pieces is this lovely scarab beetle necklace, which is available in an assortment of stone or pearl settings. The work is exquisite, and it is surprisingly versatile despite the fanciful design. Here I pair it with florals, but really it goes well with many things, even denim. You can find more looks with it on my Instagram (@bonjourjasmineblog) !

    春天來了~是時候讓花朵與昆蟲們出來透透氣啦!前陣子我從郵局那裡領回一大盒 Cor-date 的飾品,結果我跟一起買的朋友一整個晚上對著那閃亮亮的美物們在發花癡 XDD  我們的最愛之一就是這條《童話故事,尋覓》短鍊,上面的金龜子可以選擇各色天然石或珍珠。 這條項鍊的作工很細緻,而且雖然花俏華麗卻意外的好搭 >///<  這裡我是搭印花上衣,但實際上它跟很多風格都撘得來,甚至是丹寧也沒問題喔!(偷說其實我已經在 Instagram 放了不少這條項鍊的照片 XDD):)

Top :  Nicole
Skirt :  Taobao
Necklace & Earrings :  Cor-date
Shoes :  Vincci


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tangerine Dream

    I've been hoping to try this look on Korean actress Yoon Eun-hye in her ad for M.A.C. but of course, being late to the craze, the Tangerine Dream lipstick that she was wearing is out of stock. I recently got a similar yellow-orange lip colour, albeit a slightly more vibrant one. Needless to say, I went into action with my tools on hand and tried the look. To be honest, it's a rather simple one with focus on the lips and minimal makeup on the eyes. Yet, as I lack her flawless skin and delicate features, I can only strive to make this look suit me and hope it does not make me look sickly and dull-looking. 

    我一直很想仿這個妝 -- 尹恩惠在 M.A.C. 廣告中的橘色唇膏妝。可惜看到圖片的時候,熱潮早就過了,Tangerine Dream 的唇膏色號也賣光了 OTZ  不過最近入手了有點類似的帶有黃色調的橘色唇膏,雖然大概比起 Tangerine Dream 顏色稍微濃烈一些。想當然耳,我馬上搬出道具來嘗試仿妝。說真的,妝本身並不難,主角是唇色,所以眼妝什麼都從簡!只不過我沒有尹恩惠無暇的肌膚跟細緻的五官,沒辦法畫得很像,只好努力讓這個妝達到看起來有精神的效果,大概只要看起來不病懨懨就勉強算是成功了 T___T

Here're the products I use :


    As I was going for dewy skin, I mixed the ZA foundation with some Holika Holika CC cream and covered up dark circles with the Holika Holika stick concealer. After setting the foundation with a very light pat of loose powder, I applied ZA highlighter on my browbones and the 'C' area outside the eyes. Unfortunately, as I was busy experimenting with the lipstick, I forgot to apply highlighter on my nose and chin, it would have given the look a little more glow.

    因為目標是像海報裡那樣的亮澤肌,底妝我混合了 ZA 的粉底跟一些 Holika Holika 的 CC霜。之後黑眼圈的部分再用 Holika Holika 的遮瑕膏補強(這條滋潤好用 >///<)。用蜜粉稍微輕拍定妝後,將 ZA 的打亮刷在眉骨跟眼外的 'C' 字部位。很不幸的,因為原本只是想試畫而已,忙著想上唇膏就忘了給鼻樑跟下巴打亮了(哭)。

    For the eyes, I used a brown pencil for the brows and lighten the colour with Kate Eyebrow Color. Then I line the upper eyelid using In2it eyeliner gel pencil in Extreme Black. As my crease tend to disappear when I do not use eyeshadow, I sort of drew a line along the crease with my brow pencil and dab it out to achieve a more accentuated crease.

    眼妝的部分,我用棕色眉筆畫了粗眉後,再用 Kate 的染眉膏讓眉色淺一些(我畫粗眉很容易畫太深 orz)。接著用 In2it 的極黑眼線膠筆畫明顯的粗眼線。然後因為我的雙眼皮摺在不畫眼影的時候很容易變超不明顯,所以我都會用淺棕色眉筆沿著摺痕處畫一道,然後稍微暈開,製造陰影感來強調雙眼皮。

    As for the lips, I do not have any special techniques. I use In2it Moisture Intense Lipstick in Tangerine. I just apply it from the tube, my lips are hopelessly chapped and lined and this lipstick does not really help in that regard. The colour payoff is good though, so I count myself satisfied.

    至於唇妝,我是完全沒技巧可言啦!XD 我用的是貌似泰國品牌的 In2it 唇膏(不過我是在馬來西亞買到的),色號是 Tangerine。我都直接擦上,我的唇是萬年乾裂又多唇紋,這支唇膏在這點上大概沒什麼幫助 ^^"  不過顏色倒是滿顯色又遮唇色,所以我想我還算滿意啦!

    That's all, folks! It's not really a look-alike, but this is a look I would definitely wear in everyday life. If you have any questions, you can always leave a comment or find me on Instagram ( IG : bonjourjasmineblog ), I'm so addicted to it right now I did this look while referencing Eun-hye's picture on my IG, haha!

    就醬啦!雖然不是很像,但這個妝我想日常生活中也可以畫,算實用款吧  XD!然後有問題都可以留言問我噢,或是來 Instagram 找我(帳號 bonjourjasmineblog),我現在根本 IG 上癮啦~就連畫這個妝的時候也是拿著手機看尹恩惠的 IG 照片參考著畫的,哈哈!